Forward Steps Staff

Sabrina Huffaker, Executive Director

“It is our responsibility to help inspire youth to dream, to achieve, and to know that they have the power to create their own new experiences so they can enjoy that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and pride.”

As an active participant in the community, Sabrina Huffaker has spent the last several years working to assist Colorado and international youth in creating a better future.  By educating herself about the Foster Care system, Sabrina was able to develop the idea and business plan behind Forward Steps’ youth offering. She has been instrumental in the creation of the Forward Steps mission, and is thrilled to be able to assist Foster Care alumni in her home state.

After getting a B.S. in Business and spending several years in the business world, Sabrina decided her efforts were better spent enabling the youth of the world. She began by volunteering her time to numerous organizations including Kenyan Children Foundation and Attention Homes, as well as attending a multitude of conferences including National Youth Resource Center’s Pathways to Adulthood conference and National Independent Living Association’s Growing Pains conference.